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Protein World


Brand Exploration


Protein World, a UK-based fitness brand, established itself as a leader in the supplement category and planned to expand their product lines. But they found their brand was limiting their growth. They came to us to explore strategic areas that the brand could occupy which would allow them to introduce a wider range of products.


How can Protein World evolve its brand to support growth beyond fitness supplements?


We conducted audience analysis, social listening, desk research, and a brand workshop to learn about the audience, brand, category, and competition.


Fitness is more than exercising and dieting. It’s a mindset that guides people’s lives.


Make Protein World more than a fitness-focused brand, build up their expertise as a health & wellness expert.

The Solution

Based on the learnings, we developed a brand platform that would help Protein World grow beyond protein powders and health shakes. All of this information was captured in a brand book that Protein World could use as its business evolved. The brand book outlines key information including:

  • Brand architecture

  • Audience segmentation

  • Messaging strategy

  • Social strategy

  • Influencer strategy

  • Launch campaign