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MV Agusta


Competitive Analysis


We had the opportunity to pitch the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, MV Agusta.
But first, we needed to understand the landscape for the category.


Identify a strategic direction to help MV Agusta pull away from the competition.


Through secondary research, I found that brands would typically use one of two messaging strategies:

  1. Emphasize the performance and technical specs of their machines


  2. Tell stories about the adventures that their riders experience

But none of the brands focused on how a rider’s skill and ability is the key to unleashing the full potential of a high-powered sport bike.

MV Agusta-setup8.jpg


A skilled rider is the most important piece of a high-performance machine.


Strategic Direction

While every other brand focused on either the motorcycle’s engineering or the rider’s story,
MV Agusta could show that their motorcycles are only limited by the skill & abilities of the rider.